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At Lokabe Working Dogs, we are passionate about training dogs to be the best that they can be, and with that of course comes the need to train their handlers too. Our Working Dog Schools run over two days and cover the process that we follow when training Lokabe dogs from puppy to fully-going stock dog. We cover some very important training fundamentals that ensure you start your dog off right and give them the greatest chance of becoming a valued member of your team. For these workshops, we offer both working and auditing (spectator) places.


Working Spots

Participants with working spots not only learn from the theory components of the weekend, but also benefit from being able to work their dog/s through the training exercises. Working spot participants are welcome (and encouraged) to bring multiple dogs at various stages of training (from pups through to experienced work dogs) in order to maximise their participation in the training exercises. To ensure fairness for all, only one dog per handler may initially have a go at each exercise, however don't be discouraged - we make sure that there is some 'free time' on day two where you can practice the different exercises with different dogs with us there to assist you.  This also means that if you only have beginner or less experienced dogs, you will still get plenty of opportunity to participate throughout the weekend. We are aware that school participants usually want to have as much 'sheep time' as possible, and we strive to ensure this within the limits of each dog/handler.  



If you are interested in attending a workshop but are unable or do not wish to work a dog, then one of our auditing spots would be perfect for you. Auditors are welcome to participate in discussions and ask questions during the theory and practical components of the workshop; they just can’t work a dog.  In our experience, at the end of our workshops most of our auditors are keen for the next school so that they can book a working spot, so they're a good option if you're not sure if the school environment is for you. 


Interested in attending a school?

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as school dates are posted there first.

Or maybe you want to host a school at your own property?

Contact us and let's organise it!

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