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Trueblue(V) Josh III

Trueblue(V) Trudi x Saltpan Cobber

D.O.B. 01/03/2011

Josh is a long-serving member of the Lokabe crew, who not only excels in the yards but is also well known for his strength. Josh's claim to fame is backing a stuck bull out of a race through sheer strength, courage and determination.  An accomplished yard trialler, Josh has won a number of Open yard trials, placed second at the NSW Yard Dog Championships in 2017, and recently placed sixth at the 2019 Australian Yard Dog Championships (no mean feat considering there were over 100 dogs competing in the first round).  Josh is a sought-after sire, and seems to breed his strength on to his pups and grandpups.  Josh is semi-retired from work now, but on the big days when experience is required, Josh is always there to lend a paw. 

Raimar Trigger

Raimar Dawn x Eulooka Inman

D.O.B. 28/10/2011 (castrated)

Trigger started his life as a city-dog!  Catherine bought him from Fred when she was looking for a new dog to compete with in obedience and agility trials.  His agility career was just getting started however when he, Storm and Catherine moved to the farm to live with Fred.  Trigger only saw sheep a couple of times in his first year of life, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a competent yard trialler, and an excellent yard dog when given the opportunity.  Trigger has a number of unknown talents amongst his usual crowd of yard triallers, including many tricks, his greatest of which is a handstand!  The perpetual puppy, Trigger doesn't let on that he is 8 years old, and if you have the opportunity to meet him, prepare yourself for the possibility of a sniper lick to the face.

Trigger on log 2_edited.jpg

Lokabe Minky

Barrkel Twisty II x Kippakoop Poley

D.O.B. 26/03/2014

Minky has worked a lifetime of work in five short years, and has been the go-to dog when things go wrong for quite some time.  Out of necessity, he went to work at just eight months of age, and even at the very beginning, his stamina was a standout for us.  Beginning his working life behind a horse in the rough country of Kangaroo Mountain gave Minky an amazing introduction to his working career and built the foundation for the extremely capable dog that he is today.  Minky can do it all, but excels at working the yards.  He has won a number of Open yard dog trials, and is most definitely a favourite in the crew.  Minky has had his fair share of injuries, and was looking at full retirement at the start of 2019, but once he started taking Antinol and Antinol Rapid, he has improved out of sight and is almost back to full work (with a few easy days thrown in).

Lokabe Fuzzy

Barrkel Twisty II x Kippakoop Poley

D.O.B. 26/03/2014

Fuzzy is Minky's litter brother, and is definitely one of the most handsome Lokabe dogs.  Catherine and Fuzzy have had a special connection since he was young, and so although Catherine has finally relinquished him to Fred as a work dog (as she currently doesn't get to do any real work on the farm due to caring for her and Fred's daughters), he is still very much 'her' dog and they have recently commenced trialling together.  Fuzzy shows great strength on both sheep and cattle, and we're looking forward to seeing him reach his full potential now that he is a member of the work crew.


Lokabe Asher

Lokabe Rain x Wandabar Ben II

D.O.B. 09/03/2017

Asher is an up and coming superstar in the Lokabe crew.  At just two and half years of age, he can do it all, and is now the 'main' dog that is called upon when things need to happen at work.  Asher is Josh's grandson, and it shows not just in his appearance but through his strength that he shows on cattle (and, just like Josh, he has a lack of personal preservation, meaning that he will at times put himself in a position that endangers his safety).  The beauty of Asher is that he has the strength and talent of Josh, but is easier to train and get along with due to the biddability that comes down through his mother Rain.  Asher has a promising trialling career ahead of him, having just placed second in the Novice (after a run-off) and won the Restricted Novice at the 2019 Australian Yard Dog Championships.  We hope to see big things from Asher - watch this space!

Lokabe Dusty II

Raimar Storm x Boco Wonder

D.O.B. 10/04/2017

Dusty is another youngster showing plenty of promise.  Whilst Lokabe dogs probably tend towards being 'yardier' type dogs due to their intensity, Dusty has more natural distance and feel in the paddock (although he is still a backing machine!).  Right from a pup, Dusty has shown a great deal of scope, with a confidence in the paddock to 'have a go' being a standout trait for us.  We have repeated the joining of Storm and Wonder, and as Dusty goes from strength to strength, we are excited to see what his younger brother and sisters have in store for us.

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