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Retired Legends

Poley 2_edited.jpg

Kippakoop Poley

Gogetta Spice II x Saltpan Cobber

D.O.B. 01/06/2008

Poley is now enjoying the retired life in the house yard, sleeping in the sun and playing with puppies.  As a work dog, Poley was fantastic - capable at everything and excelling in the yards (with an absolutely wicked top-knot). As a youngster, Poley was a delight to train, always super keen to learn the next new skill. He was a talented trialler in his day, with his most notable achievements being the 2012 South Australian Yard Dog Champion, placing second in the 2013 Australian Yard Dog Championships and the winner of the the 2016 Ultimate Stock Dog competition (which at the time was the greatest test of a dog's all round ability). He plays a prominent role in the Lokabe stud, being the sire, grand-sire and even great-grandsire of a number of crew members.  Poley is a sweet old boy, and we love him dearly.

Raimar Dawn

Barrkel Twisty II x Cullinga Groover

D.O.B. 10/10/2008

When Fred first got serious about breeding Working Kelpies, Dawn was the first pup of his new stud (Raimar, hence the name 'Dawn'). She suffered some pretty big injuries as a young dog, and this limited the amount of time she spent as a main crew dog. In fact, Dawn was sold (pre-injury) as a young dog, then came back after the man who bought her paid for her surgery and recovery.  Dawn also lived with Fred's oldest daughter Melinda for a few years, but once again she ended up back with Fred (where she belongs).  Dawn has long been an Open trial dog, and is also mum to two of our much-loved Lokabe crew members Trigger and Sapphire.  Dawny lives the retired life with Poley now, snoozing in the sun and occasionally barking at non-existent things.


Legends of the Past

Eulooka Inman

Inman state champ_edited.jpg

Eulooka Jane x Eulooka Jock

09/10/2009 -  15/04/2019

Inman was a one in a million dog, a true legend.  Fred picked Inman as a pup, and right from the very start they had a strong bond.  As a young dog, Inni was special enough that he got to ride up front in the ute cab with Fred.  Fred remembers Inni giving him a cheeky nip and then sitting back to see what would happen (all the while looking goofy with his lip caught up on his teeth).  He certainly was a character!

Inman was an exceptional work dog, putting in hundreds if not thousands of hard days with Fred.  When the chips were down and nothing was going right, Inman was the dog still slogging away with Fred, helping him get the work done so that they could both go home.

Inman also had a brilliant trialling career, winning his first Open trial at just 14 months of age. Amongst his many accomplishments, Inman won the 2013 Farm Dog Championship at Sheepvention in Hamilton Victoria, was the 2015 New South Wales Yard Dog Champion, 2015 New South Wales Yard Dog of the Year and runner-up 2016 Australian Yard Dog Champion.  He won too many Open trials to count, and had a remarkable ability to rise to the occasion when necessary.  He seemed to know when he needed to step it up a gear - perhaps he was the ultimate show-off.

Inman is the reason Catherine plucked up the courage to first speak to Fred in 2011.  He was such a stunning dog and the bond that he shared with Fred was obvious.  Catherine was looking for her next dog after losing her precious Bear, and a pup by Inman was exactly what she was looking for.  Enter Trigger, and later Storm, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Inman was the ring-bearer at Catherine and Fred's wedding, he was there for all the ups and downs, and he was there to welcome both Hannah and Adaline to the family.  We are lost without him and will be forever grateful for the part he played in our lives.  

Barrkel Twisty II


Winganna Di x Nacooma Hammer

D.O.B. 10/01/2006 - 17/07/2017

Twisty was the foundation bitch of the Lokabe Working Dogs stud.  A beautiful girl, as a youngster she was a dog that went from strength to strength once connection was built and she was believed to be capable.  Like all of our girls, she had less trial success than the boys because she had such a stop-start career due to maternity leave.  But she did place second (to Poley) at the 2012 South Australian Yard Dog Championships.  

Twisty was a very capable bitch whose key talent was her ability to spear a lead.  She had good self-preservation, and so unless she was called upon could often be found resting at the back of a force pen, but if something broke back she'd be up to cover it in a flash.  Twisty's spearing bark bred on into her daughters Dawn and Emily, making them the talented bitches they are, and we are so grateful for all that Twisty contributed to the stud and our lives.  Twisty was a sweet girl, and had this beautiful sideways jump/prance thing that she brought out when she was playing.  

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