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Breeding and training quality

Working Kelpies

for sheep and cattle work


At Lokabe Working Dogs, our goal is to breed practical work dogs with good conformation and temperament. In addition, we are passionate about teaching others how to get the most out of their dogs at our Working Dog Schools, whether that be purely for farm work or in the trial arena.  

At Lokabe Working Dogs, we strive to breed dogs that can handle any task when out at work. Our dogs work both sheep and cattle, paddock and yards, and whilst of course they all have their individual strengths, they are all required to help out in every aspect of stock work.


Lokabe dogs are known for their intensity - dogs that will go hard all day long. They have a strong heading instinct, and generally look to get the job done as quickly as possible by always looking to take ground off their stock as they work. We are always looking to improve our dogs, with our current focus being to maintain the Lokabe intensity whilst creating a little more natural distance and biddability.

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